How Casino Cheats in Roulette | The Complete Cheat List

How casino cheats in roulette ? mate there are hundreds of ways to do it. I know I got you by shock but yeah there are hundreds of ways for a particular casino to cheat with you in roulette. That can be like controlling the ball, the wheel or ultimately the outcome. So if you’re particularly asking for ” Can roulette dealer control ball ? ” then let me break it to yo real quick – Yes they can and they do in rare circumstances. To be honest, you won’t come across much of the casino who have tricks up their sleeves. Casinos have their own way to draw income like How does casino make money on poker [1] .Since we’re here for some tricks used by casinos, we’re going to unfold them first.

Let me give you a good news before you just turn it all off and have your heart taken of from roulette. It’s not that much of a corruption out there and if roulette was this much of a blind game then you wouldn’t be expecting it to last around this much. I mean if every casino is controlling the outcome then what do you think about the respectable players, are they too sheep for not to notice the tricks with the God damn wheel?, well that’s definitely not the case. That can be a case tho depending upon how casino cheats in roulette butMost of the time, the casino trick are somewhat easy to notice, unless the player is more sheep than the sheep itself. Click To Tweet

Casinos definitely can rig the roulette and some of them really do, to find out about which kind of casino do some rig sessions with the roulette you may give this article a shot. Anyways, here we are dealing with the possible tricks and exploring multiple dimensions for how casino cheats in roulette

Deploy the Magnets!

Do Casinos use magnets in roulette ? Well the number one way for a casino to cheat in roulette is the use of magnets. Pretty common and been here for ages. This method has gotten too old and you can expect it in any suspicious casino so you better groom your senses of respectable vs corrupt casinos. Whenever a question for how casino cheats in roulette is asked, some magnetized wheel pops in the mind and believe me it’s the number one rig available out there. These rigged wheels are being made and supplied all over the globe, you better watch out for these. How it works? Well it’s pretty simple. They just deploy magnets underneath the wheel at all the sweet spots and closely monitor the betting spot. Once the ball is expected to make a good fortune for the player, it get’s pulled out and moved to another place to bring the fortune for casino. Smart approach huh.

Motor It Up!

Thought electric motor could rig the game? wrong. Deploying a motor underneath the wheel is one of the heated ways to rig the roulette but not as common as those. These one fall into electronic roulette wheel cheats .The issue with this fact is that you can find magnetic rigged roulette wheels from any down to earth corrupt supplier but to fetch out a motored wheel is a kind of pain since it’s easy to suspect. But if it’s there, you can think of what they are capable of doing with an electric motor, they can spin it all day long with as much force as they like to deploy. However, slight overdone and it’s quite noticeable by the players. Gotta be careful with this one.

Momentum Play!

Jerking the ball is yet an awesome way. It requires some sort of a motor, a stopper or some sort of impact causing instrument that applies a counter force to the wheel. This way the momentum of the ball will make it reach out to the nearby spot. Think about it this way, the wheel is operating at a constant retardation ( negative acceleration – meaning the wheel is slowing down ) and the ball is in the spot favorable for the player. What they will do is provide a jerk to the wheel in such a direction that it will disrupt the rate of retardation which would result in the sudden movement of ball. They can do it mate, they got this.

Air Compressor Trick!

Air compressor can be present there to turn your fortune upside down. Air compressor can hinder the natural rotation of the roulette wheel and can make the ball feed up the desired pocket instead of letting it follow its free will.

Magnetize Them Balls!

Do casinos use magnets in roulette ? Well not only the wheel, they magnetize the balls too. This is a pretty common approach to let the player play with rigged roulette ball. Being common simply doesn’t mean that you would be spotting them all over the casinos, it means that whichever casinos prefer doing shittiest things, they might consider up this option. This one involve the ball being magnetized, making them stand out as rigged roulette ball and the pocket having the bet is demagnetized at the spot. Now the ball stands no chance to be on the desired pocket.

Electromagnets Underneath Pockets!

Electromagnetism. Physics, damn casinos can do very well at it Click To Tweet. There are electromagnets installed all over the place underneath the roulette wheel. This ensures whenever the ball is required to land over the particular pocket, the electromagnet is activated and thus sucks the ball in it. The work is done with too damn care because even a slight odd behaviour of the ball is quite noticeable. Not that easy.

Electrify Them Balls!

Thought the corrupt one’s would stop to electronic roulette wheel cheats ? Well sometimes the ball can be electromagnetized too. A ball can have a small cell in it alongside the mechanism that can make it electromagnet at times and the wheel can me magnetized or have metallic coveralls underneath. This ensures remote configuration of the ball and the desire out come can be regulated.

Alternate Live Streams!

As for online casino, the game is rigged upside down Click To Tweet. You might be pretty comfortable for the fact that the wheel is spinning in front of you and would have your eyes gazed upon it so that you can catch up any suspicious activity but let me tell you a thing about it. It can be the case that the screenplay which is being shown to you can be different. For online casino, it's easy for them to show all the players different screens at the same time. So the ball can be found on multiple pockets at different times across different screens, pretty amazing nah. Click To Tweet

Connection lost!

Connection losses are not solely to be blamed onto the servers. These tiny things don’t cause conscious interruptions at the rightest moments. It’s the one controlling it. Are online roulette rigged ? Yes, I mean why won’t they be. You might have choice to blame it on a million things but it can be your wicked online casino who just stops the connection and make some sort of edit or show alternate live video Click To Tweet. Sometimes they could just loose the connection for a fraction of time, make necessary changes and get back to you. This ensures them of the outcome and the miserable player is still hoping for the best.

Tilted Wheel!

You’re seeing the live video and damn there is no way through which you can predict the geometry of the wheel. They can tilt it whatever the way they like. It’s up to them for how much of courteousness they can show.

Well these were some of the tricks a casino might be playing to increase it’s profit.I hope you might have gotten the answer for how casino cheats in roulette and btw I haven’t covered the extreme old school classics like the person sitting underneath the table and manually getting the shit right. Those were classics from the classical times and now are almost obsolete. Can be spotted at some casino but are rear, to the point we no longer can spot them happening around too much.

I would love to hear your words regarding do casinos rig roulette. Share your experience and expert insights in the comment below so that we all become a community invulnerable to be spinned by the roulette for some bucks. Be cheated by the casino is the last thing we want, don’t we?

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