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2.6% of the total population of United States is addicted to gambling in one way or the other. It’s too sad to see that. What even more alarming is that these were the people who were ” quite noticeable ” and what I tell you the number could be more? because the real problem gamblers are not easy to spot on. They’ve got their lives ruined on this thing, it’s impossible to figure them all out unless they disclose their own identity in the first place. There could be more than 2.6% when it comes to the sufferers of the gambling.

It all starts with a decision and that is exactly the number one step of Gamblers Anonymous. They believe if a person is ready to admit for this thing that they are a problem gambler and they want this bad habit to get off them then Gamblers Anonymous is a very welcoming community out there, ready to support. 

How much away is Gamblers Anonymous? A decision away. Once you have your mind set on quitting the gambling, you can take the first step. The fact is you’ve already taken one. The first step is the acknowledgement. Now Remains 11 step as this Gamblers Anonymous is a 12 step program. There is no fee no membership – Just humanity. All you need to join Gamblers Anonymous is a decision to quit gambling. Indeed it’s an impressive community.

What Exactly is Gamblers Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous is the community of people who all believed in the fact that ” they are problem gamblers and they don’t want to stay this way anymore “. It is the community of people who had a acknowledgement and quit decision for the gambling. Here you will find a number of people who had walked through their gambling addiction path and had their own sufferings. They warm welcome each other in the meeting and all of them are allowed to share their stories with each other.

This community believes that by sharing our stories with each others, we can create a better world for all of us. Indeed it’s true and that’s something you can expect when you attend your very first gambling anonymous meeting. I have shared the details over this in the later parts of this article.

It’s a self sufficient community and they don’t charge for any kind of fees to get involvement with their organization nor do they force money out of you, they wont be exploiting you so you don’t need to worry about this thing anymore. As they officially say “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling. There are no dues or fees for Gamblers Anonymous membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions”

One might believe that they are a part of a political party which supports people due to their cause so that they could turn into potential voters. It can be a religious community looking to convert people by supporting them with love and kindness but NO that is not the case. Gamblers Anonymous is not linked with any political or any thing. It’s a generous community looking to help the one’s who are loosing their love, family, wealth, peace of mind and identity because of their problem gambling.

On their official site they say –

Gamblers Anonymous is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any cause. Our primary purpose is to stop gambling and to help other compulsive gamblers do the same.

  • Gamblers Anonymous Official

That’s what gamblers anonymous is all about. Let see what their 12 step program is.

12 Step Recovery Program

This is the recovery program designed for the recovery of problem gamblers from this bad thing that’s consuming them from all conceivable dimensions. This program starts from the step 1 which is basically the decision you need to take to quit this bad habit of problem gambling.

These steps are not something you have to go through like physical things, these are commitments and beliefs. The fact that you want to quit problem gambling, the fact that you need a community, the fact that you are willing to be supported by others and all. This is what their recovery program is all about. Once you have gone through all the steps, you would feel an enlightened soul which is willing to do whatever it takes. That’s when you join their meeting and get involved with them.

You may read the Recovery Program Details Here

Questions / Answers

Those looking to join the gamblers anonymous would have many questions in their minds regarding the working, their privacy and everything. If you want to read all of the question answers then here’s the link but to keep it simple let me tell you. They won’t exploit you in any way and your identity would not be leaked by the community unless you proudly spread word about overcoming your addiction.

They have also mentioned some useful pieces of content to better decide whether you are a compulsive gambler or not and have also mentioned some of the insights on quitting the gambling habit.

How To Be A Part of Gamblers Anonymous

As stated earlier, joining gambling anonymous just requires a decision. If you have accepted the fact that you were a problem gambler and now want to quit then you can join them. How to join gamblers anonymous? Well you can join them by attending the nearby meeting.

To search for any nearby meeting in your area , you can head over to the link I am going to mention and type in your state and city, you can see the upcoming event and can be a part of it. If you’re not sure of attending the even and want to talk to the community person first then you can use the contact information and contact them. To find out what you can expect from your gamblers anaonymous meeting, keep reading.

 Gambler’s Anonymous Meeting Check – Click Here

Gambler’s Anonymous Contact Information Check – Click Here

What To Expect From Gamblers Anonymous Meeting

Provided that one has their mind set to quit this bad habit, they can head over for the meeting. The ” How to be a part of Gamblers Anonymous ” can be checked to join it. Once joined, here’s what can be expected out from the meeting.

  • One would be given snacks and all. These are a gift form the group members who wish to contribute for the group
  • One would be asked for their 20 questions, these are simple ye/no question and would make you realize your current status, no one is judged.
  • You have to join a group, you are free to leave one and join other until you find the right one for you.
  • You are told to share, it’s upto you whether you want to share or not
  • Members are allowed to talk to each others to share beliefs, experiences and all

If you are going to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, you can expect some new friends, listeners, new ideas, new experiences and ultimately a new hope.

The procedure to join a Gambling Anonymous meeting is already shared above, you may click here to read out that.

Don’t let this bad gambling habit drain anything more out of you. Join the meeting and be an enlightened one with a crowd of enlightened ones. Do share your experiences in the comment section below and let’s help each other come out of this problem gambling.

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