How Do Casino Make Money on Poker – Concept of Rake

Poker is the heart of every casino out there and I wonder if there is some sort of casino that doesn’t offer poker.The only casino that does not offer poker is the one who is either not generating some profit or about to shut down because of consistent losses because damn it’s so important for the casino to utilize the money making games such as Poker. Are you wonderingHow do casinos make money on Poker ?” Well I’ve got the thing covered up in details for you.

Firstly I want you to think this problem with some analytical and business mind. If a casino is not making money through poker, then why in the world are they offering poker in their premises?. The answer yields both of the possibilities. Yes the Poker might not be generating them enough profit or in fact poker can be the reason casino is loosing money from it’s poker tables availability but at the same time poker helps a casino to generate more in terms of profit .Let me tell you how.

The first and foremost mechanism and I would say the only  mechanism for a casino to make money on poker is the concept of ” RAKE “. If you aren’t aware of what rake is then let me break it out to you real quick.

Rake is the scaled commission fee taken by a card room operating a poker game.

With Rake, your beloved casino make its living.

How much is the Rake? it varies around the globe, casino to casino. But as far as the average amount is considered, a Rake is usually around 5% of the total pot in each players hand. Now your Casino might charge a 10% rake while the other one would only charge 2.5%, well it all goes down to their marketing strategy.

How do casinos make money on poker ? –> RAKE 

I have explained various types of rakes and how they are helping the Casinos to bring in more in terms of profit and all so make sure you keep reading through all of this.

While the rake is only way to drive money from the poker, most of the casino out there fail to sustain there economical sustainability through the Rake. This is because of the fact that the amount of Rake is never truly enough to cover up the expenditures of the casino. You might think a 10% Rake is surely bringing lot of cash flow to the casino but it’s not the case

The casino has to had to obtain a poker license, had a poker room, had management and all to ensure the safety and availability of the poker and in the end the Casino is just taking 5% of the pot, it simply doesn’t go well for the Casino this way {Wanna know how gambling affects the economy ?}

There are times when a casino is surely making a lot of money when there is some sort of Poker event coming up or the Poker area is blasted away with a lot of potential players then a casino surely wont be making any loss. The point to remember is that casino in any circumstance won’t generate huge amount of profit through the Rake. The deducted Rake is always enough to keep the casino at least going.

20 Shades of Rake

Rake’s got multiple shades. It can be conducted on a percentage basis, fixed basis,time basis, player basis, can be refunded or even not conducted at times by the Casino. It’s wise to uncover each of that to find out the best in terms of Rake for ourselves

Percentage Rake

One of the most common deduction method for the rake is percentage rake. Players are made aware of the percentage and the casino rules before they set out for the tables and as the pot is made in each hand, the percentage chips are collected by the support members standing up there at the tables. This one’s pretty common tho.

Fixed Rake

Although not that much of common thing it is but this option is encountered many times by Poker players around the globe. Upon heading for the tables, the player comes to know that there is some sort of fixed amount of rake that they have to pay to keep the game going. This one’s flat and is not beneficial to the casino as such.

Time Interval Rake

Time basis rake is yet another model of Rake collection in the casinos. In this mode of the Rake collection, the casino collects the Rake amount every 30 mins from the table. Although not much of a popular thing, Time Rake is also seen in many casinos. Make sure you are well aware of the Rake methodology your casino supports.

Player Rake

Player basis rake is collected in collaboration of two kinds of Rakes, the fixed and the time one. In this player basis model, the amount is deducted from the player for every 30 mins they spend on the Poker table. This amount can be deducted as a percentage from the pot or as a fixed amount of commission deducted every 30 mins

Rake Refunding

Rake refunding is yet another terminology. It’s been around for ages but is now highlighted and enjoying its peak in this digital era. It’s basically for those who are working in affiliation for the casino. So a person who is an active Affiliate marketer or associate at a particular casino, they don’t have to pay the rake as they get a refund later.

No Rake Table

No Rake Poker. Although not hugely common but they do happen and is an absolute win for the poker players all around globe. I mean seriously, there is no rake, it’s like a no taxation for the business so you can play with more profit and all. Usually this option is a result of a marketing strategy by some casino looking for more exposure and all.

Those were some of the rake methodologies I’ve just explained. So now you should be pretty much clear on how do casino makes money on poker. The only ” Straight Forward ” way to make money through poker is the Rake but let me tell you, no amount of Rake is even enough to let the casino survive. The amount a Casino makes with the rake is simply not enough to even let the casino survive.

You might be thinking why the casino offers poker if they can’t make a decent amount of profit out of it. What you wont believe is that most of the casino are having a great deal of loss daily only because of this poker thing but they still offer poker in their premises. I know it sounds kind of a foolish technique but they really are generating profit over this. I have covered that here in this article, click here to know why they do so.

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