How To Bet On Horses | Meet Your 9 Step Guide

” You see that horse over there, yeah pretty sure it’s gonna make it first “

” Oh, you sound like an expert, what makes you think that horse is gonna win “

” It looks good – that’s why I’m sure

” * GUNFIRE * heard  “

Don’t be like the dummy above who just believed that the particular horse was about to win just because it looked good. When it comes to horse racing you should keep in mind a number of factors to safely bet on horses so that neither you nor the horses are going to be the sufferers.

To successfully win it almost every time, you need to learn how to bet on horses which I have described in details in this article.

To give you an idea of basically what you’re going to learn in this guide, here it is

  • How to bet on horses
  • How to predict the winning horse
  • Past trends to consider
  • Past misc. factors to consider

With that outline, it’s pretty easy to navigate to the part which draws most of your attention or you can continue to read the whole article like a skilled jockey. So let’s get this over with.

I’m gonna list it all in steps, each and every step requires some careful analysis and your whole hearted participation but hey if you go well at it, there’s no way your horse is gonna loose it.

09 Steps To Successfully Bet on Horses

  1. Right Now, How’s Ground Condition
  2. How Much Is The Distance To Be Run
  3. Dig Deep In The Form
  4. Keep A Special Eye On The Odds
  5. Check The Jockey’s History
  6. Consider The Trainer’s Level
  7. Carefully Analyze Weight Relationship
  8. Jockey and Trainer Relationship
  9. Weather Now

I consider it a wise idea to get into depth for each one of the point which I have mentioned above in my 9 step guide to get a firm solution for ” How to bet on horses ” Let’s see each and every step in details so that you don’t miss the right deal. Let’s get this over with.

9 Step Guide



Step 1

The step one is about Horse Racing ground condition and damn it’s really important. Each and every horse you will see on the track will do better in one type of ground condition and do worst in other type ground condition, Horse race track surfaces decide the performance of the horse to a much greater degree than we normally assume. So what I want you to do is check out the ground condition of the present race. This will help you find out which particular horse can be a best pick for this thing.

There are six type of ground conditions and these are referred as ” The Going “

  • Hard
  • Firm
  • Good to firm
  • Good
  • Good to soft
  • Soft
  • Heavy

With the form ( the booklet that contains the record of past three races ), check out the ground conditions of the past 3 races. Meanwhile figure out which horse was able to make it in that particular race.

For example, let’s say the past three races had ” Good ” ground condition and the number ” 1 ” horse made it first then you should consider it as a fact that the number ” 1 ” horse is better on the ” Good ” track. Similarly come up with the similar trends and try to rank horses somewhat in your mind according to the ground condition.

After done with the ground condition, you can filter out the remaining horses and consider only those who are good for this particular ground condition. If you’re able to retrieve some old information or been participating in the past few races then it will come in handy as you would have rich data to allot to different horses, and categories them according to their specific ground condition abilities. So if it’s a heavy ground day and you are betting on the horse who wins all time but on ” Good ” ground then you better know what’s gonna happen, yeah that poor horse is gonna lose

Step 2

Step 2 is about the horse racing distances. Each and every horse is destined to perform differently. Some would bust it up as soon as it starts while others would accelerate as the time goes by. You properly need to understand which horse is best suitable for today’s race.

Let me elaborate it to you. Let’s say horse ” A ” has high acceleration, it can get to top speed quick but it does not have much top speed. The other horse ” B ” has high top speed, but it has low acceleration ; it cannot get to it’s top speed quickly. What’s gonna happen then? The horse with the high acceleration would win the short distance race and the horse with more top speed will win the long distance race. Consider it just like the drag race. If the distance is small, you need to bet on the horse with the highest acceleration and if the distance is somewhat longer than you need to pick up the horse with the more top speed.

It’s up to you, whatever source you like to use, use it. If you’re hanging around this derby for long then you would probably have an idea of which horse is taught for acceleration or which one is not taught when it comes to acceleration. Use a form and predict it out from there. Have a look at the record and see which horse made the win and all of that. Ask people, friends or whatever goes well with you, the point is you need to be fully aware of the horse which can make it easily.

Step 3

Step 3 is all meant to dig deep into the “FORM”.Horse racing form analysis is very important and you should know how to study horse racing form. Form is the booklet which you can grab from the derby, it has the details of the past 3 races. These are super necessary to have an eye on, no matter the beginner or the advance, these will surely come in handy. I don’t want you to learn the entire form, that’s not gonna reap any special benefits, but what I want you to do is to look at the form with the following questions in mind.

  • Which horse won the most
  • What were the ground conditions
  • Which trainer’s horse made it the most
  • Which jockey’s were best
  • Which horse had most place
  • Which horse had most show

Now, with those questions in mind, you can dig deep into the form and get answers to all of these. Now it’s gonna help you further simply your pick. The answer to these question is not the only thing you should look in the form. If you have some custom queries then be sure to get them all cleared before you move to bet because that’s something really important. Any missed detail can cost you so it’s better idea to dig the form deeply to hunt down each and every query you have.

Although not much of a popular opinion, but I consider it a good thing if you spend a significant time going through the form. This way you wont be missing any sort of detail.

Step 4

Step 4 is all about the odds. You can find the odds at the bookmaker and these will be written in the form of two digits. What you have to do is divide the first digit with the second one. This is how it goes. If the odd is 43 , then it means 4/3, which mean 1.33. This way you can check out what are the odds of winning of each and every horse.

While it may appear fascinating to bet on the horse with he highest amount of odd and avoid betting on the horse which has the least number of odd amount but things simply don’t go like that.

While odd alone is not much of a beneficial to predict the best in terms of outcome but it can surely come handy combined with the other factors. For example with all the previous steps, if you were able to figure out 4 horses which you thought are going to make it and 2 out of them have real low odds then it further simplified your picks to bring out the sure winner.

These are not much reliable but you should consider it. Alongside considering the odds, also consider the public behaviour, how people are going to bet as this hugely effects the outcomes.

Step 5

Investigating the jockey is one of the primary concerns and should be done with passion. What you need to figure out is that basically what are the jockey’s own personal level. To fill your appetite with jockey’s information, I have listed out few of the questions which would help you bring the most out of Jockey’s information. These are

  • What’s the jockey’s personal record?
  • Can the jockey handle this kind of horse?
  • How’s the jockey doing from the past three races?
  • Is there something with jockey today?
  • what’s the jockey’s attitude for today?

As soon as you get your eyes on jockey, it’s a wise idea to clear all of your queries as it helps in multiple ways. Here’s how all these questions would help you better evaluate your jockey.

If you are aware of the Jockey’s personal record then you would better know on what weight, horse and going; was the jockey able to perform the best. If the jockey is given a horse which is not in the likes or expertise of the jockey then you should refrain betting on the horse with that particular jockey.

The past 3 races bring out a lot of valuable information out of which jockey’s past 3 race record is super important. If there is some sort of issue with the jockey, it will have its roots in the past 3 races and it will be noticeable. Have a thorough look and figure out whether a jockey is having some sort of issue, that would reveal a lot about it.

The last thing you can do is to monitor your jockey with a little depth to figure out whether they appear somewhat suspicious or they have to deal with a trainer or a horse which is something they are not an expert in or don’t prefer. Keep a look at these things and it will all get easy.

Step 6

Trainer details are very important. You should get enough details about the trainers. If you’re regular to the particular racing then you would already be having somewhat idea considering the trainers but if you don’t have much of the details, no worries. Do your best to figure out the details for the trainers.

Trainers are the ones who have trained the horses and they are well aware of where their horse lacks or is good at. Having a thorough knowledge about the trainer is very important. Try to connect with people to figure out more about the trainers. This area requires a handful amount of work but the best part is the more work you put in here, the better it will get.

Step 7

Step 7 is about weights and the weight relationships. This one is actually no brainer but I’m gonna highlight it so that there remains so stone un-turned. When it comes to weights and weight relationships, I need you to carve these few questions in your mind and whenever you are at the derby, get an answer to these questions.

  • What was the weight at which this horse was able to bring out best outcomes?
  • What was the Jockey’s weight when the horse made it to to the top?
  • What is the ideal range for the horse?
  • Is the horse in it’s ideal weight range right now?
  • Is the jockey falling to ideal weight range?

You can have more questions but I consider these as the ” basics ” and these will reveal a lot about the current scenario. See, a horse has a certain limit for the limit and in that certain limit, there is very narrow range where the horse depicts the ideal behavior.

Do your thing to figure it all about the ideal range of horse. Also figure out whether the horse is in it’s ideal weight (its own health ) and the jockey that’s gonna ride it, will these two fall in the ideal range of the horse. This is important because the horse would be able to rush forward with an ideal weight so make sure you are well aware of the fact that your horse’s weight, jockey’s weight and the combined weight falls in the ideal range.

Step 8

Jockey and Trainer relationship can be one of your best handy tool to predict some what in terms of outcome. Remember when I said earlier that a trainer is well aware of the lacking scenarios of their horse? yeah this time it’s gonna play a huge part. The fact of the matter is trainer is well aware of it and will surely guide jockey to avoid such thing.

Because of this, the jockey would come to now where the horse would lack and what would make it go rocket power. So they are well aware of it. How you can utilize this information? Well see this. If you spot the jockey and the trainer in a sound relationship, understanding each other and seems to have a positive attitude then it turns out to be a sound relationship.The perks of having this kind of scenario is the the trainer would let the jokey know any bad part about the horse and the jockey would avoid it.

The opposite can also be true. If they don’t have the sound relation, then it’s gonna wreak havoc. Neither the trainer would disclose too much valuable information nor the jockey would have any good strategy implementation plans. This can result n a failure so its duty to watch it all out and try your best to avoid any sort of politics.

Step 9

Weather is really something you should take in account because if the horse is somewhat uncomfortable, its gonna wreak havoc on performance. Each and every horse out there is destined for a specific weather. Although the weather does not change from ice cold to hot lava in a single day but there is a small range in which each and every horse performs the best.

To find out which temperature is ideal for a particular horse, it needs details for the past few races. The form can be your tool, you can ask your homies if they regularly go through it all or attend a handful amount of races to find out which particular horse is best in the present weather.

Don’t consider the weather as normal , hot or cold. You need to dig deep. If it’s hot, how hot. If it’s cold, how much cold. If you somehow are able to find out the ideal temperature ranges at which a particular horse is most comfortable then it can get easy to predict.

A good way to figure out whether the horse is comfortable or not is to have a deep look at it as soon as it’s out from the parade ring, ready to hit the hit the ground. You can note the condition of each and every horse and organize it all in your brain for which ever is best for the certain range.

After going through all of the 9 steps, all you need to do is to organize the data very well. From all the previous steps, you should have collected a handful amount of data.

Match all the horses with the data you have collected and see which one stands the maximum chance or in other words, find out which of the horses matches the maximum number of elements from your list which you compiled after going through the last 9 steps.

Match it elegantly and bet on it. I am not responsible for any losses, just like I am not responsible for any win. Consider it fun and always gamble with the money you can afford to lose, don’t be a compulsive gambler with this thing and if you think you are somewhat compulsive gambler, then seek help with gamblers anonymous.

Horse Racing Betting – Types

Let me throw some light onto this. Horse Racing Betting revolves around different types of bets, which I am gonna list it all below so that you can better pick it up for yourself on how to efficiently bet on the right possible outcome.

As for the different types of betting, following are the picks.

Straight Wager Types


How to bet on horses and win? You just get your bucks out and say it loud that this particular horse is gonna win for sure, by win we mean the horse which has the ability to come first in the race. This way your bet results in a high outcome.

The win is basically for the person who is dead sure about their abilities to predict the winning horse. If you are well aware of the winning horse and are trusting yourself 100% then you can opt in for win.

Win betting type ensures the maximum prize but also come up with the minimum odds. Win is for receiving a very high profit on a very thin chance thus making it a good option for the pro bettors.


After win, the second type of the bet is known as the the place. In this type of bet, you are betting for the horse that it can either come first or second. Since you are betting for both the possibilities, it becomes easy to get your hands down on the prize.

Everyone would think Place as the sure win but there are few downsides to it. Firstly the prize money is reduced. It’s not equal to the prize money from win. This is simple because of the fact that the odds at this type of betting are higher.

Place offers somewhat higher odds than the win and can come handy since is offers the 1st and 2nd, both the probabilities; when it comes to the people who prefer low risk, it can be attractive for them.


As we are moving down the list of betting types, we will be following a trend of increasing chances of winning and lower prize amount. With this third option, one can put some bucks for whether the horse win come first,second or third.

With show, all of the first three spots secured, thus making it even more feasible for those who are either beginners or prefer lower risks. This option offers lesser prize money than the place and win and offers more odds as compared to win and place.

Although show appears to make a lot of sense and if you are there for fun and do not intend to lose any small amount of money even then show is one of the best decisions you can make since it provides high probability of prize, it definitely comes handy for the people.

Across the board

It is one of the most appealing to the beginners and those who are just there for some fun time since it offers maximum winning odds. The worst part? well it offers the minimum amount of prize money but can eventually get better depending upon your prediction. Here’s how.

If yo bet on the horse, across the board and it wins then you get the prize money for win, place and show. If your horse made it to place, you get the prize money for place and show. If your horse makes it to show, you get the prize money for only show.

Depending upon your prediction, it can get good and bad but the point is its never too bad of a thing. Betting across the board would get you maximum odds to win but the wager amount is not so low for this. Even if you’re planning for a $2 amount, it will get to $6 because you’re consecutively placing 3 bets. It’s one of the popular types of straight wagers and people consider it because of it versatile structure. If you don’t consider yourself pro, you should give it a try. It definitely doesn’t mean that pro’s should refrain from this type of bet, it’s good for all – The best part, it’s exciting.


You can consider it a simplified form of across the board. As the name implies, this type of betting revolves around win and place. So basically what you can do with this thing is that your place a $2 bet for a horse that it’s wither gonna win or stand place. This way, if it win, you get the prize money for both the win and place and if it goes place, you get the prize money for place only.


If you are sure of a horse that it’s gonna end up as place but have slight chances of ending up as show also then you should bet this option as this allows basically two bet-able outcomes. This could result in a double win or single win or no win at all but if the horse makes it a place then you can secure the prize money for both the place and show whereas if the horse makes it to show then you only get the prize money for show. The bet to be placed is double with increased winning odds.

Exotic Wagers

These are the advanced betting options and should be deployed carefully as these are not something a beginner should mess around. With exotic wagers, what basically happens is that the person bets on two different horse for the outcomes. Exotic wagers offer high prize structure but low odds of winning. These require advance skills to predict the race results to a much greater degree.

To understand more about the exotic wagers, lets consider the betting options associated with it so that we can decide the best option for ourselves.

Exotic Betting Types


To understand the exacta bet, consider this example.

I make a bet on horse number 5 and 7. The race results in the 1st place taken up by the horse 5 and the second place taken up by the horse 7. Now I can claim the prize easily- in simple terms, I won with it.

To mess around with Exacta bets you need to predict the race results to a much greater degree. Your ability must allow you to predict the first two positions and you can bet on them. This way you can mess around the Exacta quite easily. It comes up with a decent prize money and lower odds.

There is a variation of Exacta bet known as the Boxed Exacta. This allows the bet to go soft on the ” exact same order ” part of the bet. So now, even if your horse #7 resulted in first and #5 resulted in second, then you still can secure the price money. For your exacta bet to be boxed, it will cost you double but the prize money also comes up with increased odds.


This particular bet is exactly like the ” Boxed Exacta ” except for the fact that exacta bet requires a double bet ( i-e $4 if you are opting in for a traditional $2 bet ) and quinella requires a single $2 bet. The difference makes its appearance in the prize structure and number of odds.


Trifecta is an advanced form of Exacta bet. Just like Exacta where the bettors can bet exact order outcomes for 2 horses, trifecta allows the exact same order bet for three horses. Now you can bet on three horses which are going to secure the first second and third positions and if they make it in exact same order, you’re going secure a a handful amount of prize.

The lower odds, high risk makes it a difficult to consider betting option but its high prize structure makes it attractive to bet on. There is also an option to box your trifecta bet. This way now you are not cared for ” exact same order “. You can just simple choose three horses and say each one of them is going to secure any first three positions. The prize of course is not so much with boxed Trifecta.

Super Fecta

Just like the previous one, where you were supposed to choose three horses; with super fecta you can go around four horses. All of the concept is the same from the previous ones. No big deal here, just requires more experienced bettor.

Daily Double

Now we’re heading to some real shit – full of expert people. With daily double, you bet on a horse to win two consecutive races. This results in a better prize payout and low amount of odds. Requires a higher degree of experience. With this, you can expect your bet to hang around $8 for a single $2 bet

Pick 3

Pick 3 is betting on the horse to win consecutive three races unlike two in the daily double. This makes it even harder to bet on and requires a wide experience A single $2 bet can hang around $16 so you better understand the game before digging deep in it,

Pick 4

Just like the pick 3, now you bet for a horse to win 4 consecutive race. The payouts are off the roof but the odds are digging deep in the ground. Each $2 bet will cost around $32 in this case.

Pick 6

The last exotic wager is the Pick 6 where the bettor makes the bet for 6 consecutive wins. The odds are at the lowest and the payout is highest. Predicting 6 races consecutively is not an easy thing.

With the exotic wagers explained, it’s time to explain the betting process in just 5 easy simple steps so that you can easily make the bet without banging around your head much on the walls.

Head to the counter and..

  1. State the racetrack
  2. State the race number
  3. Your betting amount
  4. Type of your bet
  5. Horse’s number

Horse racing is pretty addicting and as long as you’re having fun and horsing around with the money you can afford to loose, it’s all fun believe me. It’s been around for ages and the places where it is legalized, it has a huge impact on economy as derby encourages a huge deal of cash flow. It’s good, if you’re playing wise.

That’s all folks, you just made the bet. All left is hope for the best and damn there is one more thing you can do which is commenting down your experience. I will be joining soon.

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